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Thanks for finding interest in browsing our website. This would the best choice in Israel to find Lab chemicals, Lab Instruments and consumables. We have the widest assortment of lab supply in Israel and we are the only distributor in Israel who offers instruments, consumables and chemicals from the same point of sale. Hundreds of manufacturers , Thousands of Categories, 10th of Thousands of different segments and more than 500 Thousands of different products available through our shop.

You can either type the search string you are interested in search box :

  • You can type free text in the search box : This free text can be CAS Number, word, BDL product code, Original manufacturer product code , product name or application or description
  • You can use the AB search menu, As per the first letter of the product you are looking for. Go to the letter page and then look for the name of item you are looking for. Click on this word and then a sub category of words will appear . click on the desired item.

And then press enter.
A list of results will be presented in the search page.

Now you are closer to your desired product. Yet , you still may be flooded with many results. In this case we constructed very efficient filters, which may help you to reach the product you really need and fits your immediate demand.

Refine Categories

Category filter: this filter meant to define the application or the generic name of the product you are looking for. Our products are classified per the purpose of use, the categories you would see are the lowest existing level category of this product in our classification scheme. These categories can be used as sub filters. The subcategories will be presented as per the number of hits each one have, from high to low.

Availability filter: This is a straight forward filter which shows how fast it would be on your table. The various availabilities will be presented as per the number of hits each one have, from high to low.

In stock:
this sub filter will show you only those products which are in our stock . a green OK tick will be noted near the item which is physically in our Israeli stock.

Vendor's stock:
This sub filter will show you only these items which are in our vendors stock and will be noted with empty green OK Tick We have firm known ,short lead time, method to bring over this product to Israel.

More than 30 days:
This sub filter applied to products with longer/ unknown lead time, where you better ask us how fast we can import them to Israel. Such items will be note with a question mark sign .

Manufacturer filter: this is again very straight forward filter where you can choose your desired manufacturer, We, Beith Dekel have preferred vendors, yet we are not limiting ourselves to single vendor in each category. Upon refining your desired product and time line, you can see which manufacturers may be available for your conditions and constrains. The various manufacturers will be presented as per the number of hits each one have, from high to low.

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