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Oxygen meter SD 400 Oxi

AQUALYTIC (4117)      

Synonims מד חמצן
Oxygen meter SD 400 Oxi
Newly developed oxygen meter for use in sewage and water works, research and teaching as well as in aquaristics. High measuring accuracy and low maintenance, thanks to luminescence technology no electrolyte solution is required. The SD 400 Oxi L is ideally suited for the determination of "dilution BOD" due to the optimized probe for standard BOD bottles.
-Especially high measuring accuracy by luminescence technology
-Short response time of the oxygen probe
-Low maintenance due to long-lasting oxygen probe and membrane head
-Inflow to the oxygen probe is not necessary, the use of stirrers or manual stirring is no longer required
-Includes software for extended and simplified data management with data logger function
-Backlit LC display for dark environments

Scope of delivery:
SD 400 Oxi L (Set 1): Meter with 4 (AA) batteries, optical oxygen probe with 1.5 m cable, storage/calibration bottle, micro SD card with calibration data, software and manual (on Micro SD card), short manual and lanyard in case.
SD 400 Oxi L (Set 2): as Set 1 but with optical oxygen probe with 3 m cable
SD 400 Oxi L (Set 3): as Set 2 but with optical oxygen probe with 10 m cable
O2 concentration:
Resolution: 0 to 50 mg/l
0.01 mg/l
O2 saturation:
Resolution: 0 to 500 %
0.1 %
O2 accuracy:
0 to 200 % or 0 to 20 mg/l:
> 200 % or > 20 mg/l:
± 1,0 % or ± 0,1 mg/l, larger value applies
± 10 %
O2 partial pressure:
Accuracy: 51 to 112 kPa
0.1 kPa
± 0.2 %
Probe temperature:
Accuracy : -5 to 50 °C
0.1 °C
± 0.2 °C
Memory: Micro SD card, 1 GB, saving of over 10.000 datasets
Batteries: Micro USB or 4 x AA batteries
Dimensions (L x W x D): 162 x 98 x 54 mm
Weight: approx. 314 g
Protection class: IP 67
PN Manuf. PN Supplier Description PK LC General Availability Price Quantity
6288678 4740000 AQUALYTIC SD 400 Oxi L (Set 1) 1 L9A Please contact us 1435.29 EU
6288680 4740020 AQUALYTIC SD 400 Oxi L (Set 3) 1 L9A Please contact us 1594.78 EU
6288681 4740030 AQUALYTIC SD 400 Oxi L (base unit without sensor only) 1 Please contact us 666.67 EU
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